Assange: Canadian moments.

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“Gay Lunny”: half a century of progress.

Commemorative coin.The Government of Canada is preparing to issue a memorable dollar in honor of the rights of sex minorities. The new looney has the image of two human faces, the inscription “equality” in two official languages, as well as two figures: 1969 – 2019. These dates reflect the 50th anniversary of the shift in the rights of sex minorities, which began in 1969 with the legislative initiative of the then Minister of Justice of Canada and future prime minister Pierre Trudeau.

The essence of this initiative was the decriminalization of same-sex relationships – however, only for persons who have reached 21 years of age and in a private setting. The commemorative coin, among other things, throws a bridge between the governments of Pierre Trudeau and his son Justin Trudeau, for whom the promotion of the rights of sexual minorities is one of the foundations of a political platform.

What do the documents say. The arrest of the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, caused a rather broad, albeit a very restrained response in the mainstream Canadian mass media.

Among the publications on this topic, it is worth noting a selection published by the CBC, which is devoted to the revelations related to Canada by WikiLeaks. A curious fact opens the selection: at one time, Prime Minister Jean Chretien refused to support the liberation campaign initiated by the United States in Iraq.

However, representatives of the liberal government at a meeting with their American and British colleagues assured them that Canada would secretly provide all necessary assistance, including military support. American diplomatic documents published by WikiLeaks state that the official position of Ottawa reflects the internal political interests of the government of Chrétien, but at the same time it is ready to be as useful as possible in the military operation in and around Iraq.

In addition, US diplomatic messages released by WikiLeaks talk about the conspiracy of Islamic terrorists to carry out terrorist attacks on the Montreal metro and the US embassy in Ottawa in 2004. Finally, American diplomats spoke with great irony of the program of Arctic sovereignty, conducted by the conservative government of Stephen Harper. The strengthening of Arctic sovereignty was addressed primarily to the United States, since this country does not recognize the jurisdiction of Canada over the Northwest Passage – the maritime shipping routes among the islands of the Canadian Arctic archipelago. The relevant documents say that the campaign in support of Arctic sovereignty has as its main goal to attract voters to the side of the Harper conservatives.

Also,American diplomats gave rather curious assessments by the political personalities of the time.In particular, the former leader of the liberals, Mike Ignatieff, deserved from them not the most flattering, but very fair assessment – the “weak leader”, which was confirmed by Iggy’s extremely unsuccessful political career.