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Representatives of the working class (53 percent) and those with only school diplomas (51 percent) are particularly dissatisfied with the lack of European representation in immigration. Among those with university education and high income, this opinion is shared by no more than 21 percent of the respondents. By the way, in 1994, almost 55 percent of respondents were against the predominance of non-white immigrants. But by 2005, their number had dropped to 30 percent, after which it began to rise again.

Football: new league.

Installation on Canadian athletes. In Canada, another “top” football league has been created – the Canadian Premier League. Unlike all other professional sports associations, the name of the league diplomatically avoids sharp corners – there are no words “football” and “soccer”. The new league includes clubs adjacent to the Toronto region of York, as well as Halifax, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver Island. A special feature of the Canadian Premier League is the installation on Canadian players: clubs should not have more than seven foreigners. The league was headed by the former president of Tim Hortons Canada, David Clanahan, a native of Scotland and an amateur football player. Recall that three Canadian clubs – Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver – will compete in the Major League Soccer American League Championship.

Euthanasia in Canada.

Voluntary death. Medical euthanasia, legalized in Canada three years ago, turned out to be very popular. During this time, almost seven thousand people in the country have used the help of doctors in order to safely leave this life. For these people, this decision was forced due to incurable and painful diseases and other health problems. In the absolute majority of cases, cancer has become the main cause of medical suicide. But in general, painless medical suicide accounted for only about one percent of all deaths reported during this time in Canada.

Federal hygiene.

Feminism in action. The government of Justin Trudeau intends to provide employees of federally-regulated structures with free hygienic products. The government began a public consultation to find out which items women need first. By the way, the category of federally-regulated structures includes not only various state and public structures, but also banks, the telecommunications industry and transport, totaling more than 1.2 million people. In 2015, the Trudeau liberals abolished the federal tax on feminine hygiene products.

Wizards to work.

The fabulous world of Ottawa. The Canadian government invites to work … sorcerers and wizards. And quite seriously: from the end of March on the website devoted to employment in federal structures, there are proposals for representatives of relevant professions in the spirit of “Harry Potter”. The funny thing is that they are invited to work in the treasury of Canada, which leads to the corresponding reflections. The starting salary is from 57 thousand dollars to 62 thousand dollars, but do wizards really need any salary? Apparently, the announcement of employment was published by April 1 – but it seems that the joke was dragged out considerably, at least until the beginning of May.