School: power games.

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Victory of common sense. An interesting experiment is being conducted in some elementary schools in Quebec. Here, children at recess are allowed to play games that include elements of forceful confrontation. Schoolchildren are allowed to push, grab each other, arrange “a bunch of little things” and even fight – however, only in specially designated “zones” of the schoolyard and under the supervision of teachers. Children are forbidden to beat and bite each other, as well as throwing various objects at each other. In addition, force combat should cease immediately if one of its participants says “stop”. The director of one of the schools where the experiment takes place, told reporters that the children playing in the “power zones” in the classroom are more relaxed and focused on learning.

Migration changes.

Forced revision. The upcoming elections and widespread public discontent with uncontrolled migration are forcing the Canadian liberal government to make promises to restrict the open door policy.

Justin Trudeau’s government presented a bill that would make it harder for migrants to get refugee status in Canada. Canadian immigration officers will be able to immediately refuse petition for refugee status by persons who have already been refused in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. But despite this, they will be able to take advantage of other opportunities in order to at least stay in Canada dependent on a Canadian taxpayer. Note that in 2018 alone, the Canadian border illegally crossed more than 20 thousand migrants, most of whom were already refugees in the United States.

In addition to this bill, which, to a certain extent, can limit the mass illegal migration, Canada, together with the United States, is preparing changes to the Safe Third Country Agreement. According to this agreement, in case of refusal to obtain refugee status in one of the safe countries, refugee applications filed in any other safe country should be automatically rejected. However, this rule does not apply in case of illegal border crossing.

It was this loophole that provoked the flow of migrants to Canada, which became a difficult test for the country: Canadian taxpayers have to maintain an additional tens of thousands of people in the conditions of housing shortages, medical services and social support for their own needy people.