Six months before the election.

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Liberal chances fall. The rating of the ruling Liberal Party continues to fall. Six months before the elections, only 27 percent of those polled are going to vote for Justin Trudeau’s liberals, while for conservatives Andrew Shire, 40 percent. New democrats have 12 percent of support, green ones have 11. Quebec’s separatist Bloc has 5 percent, and the People’s Party of Canada, recently created by Max Bernier, has 3 percent. Some analysts do not exclude the union of the NDP and the Greens in one party or election coalition, which can include liberals who find it easier to deal with close in spirit left parties than to cede power to conservatives. The only province where the Trudeau liberals have more support than the other parties is Quebec.

The survey data speaks about the widespread disappointment of voters both in the policy of the Trudeau government and in the very head of the government. 65 percent of respondents do not approve of the Trudeau government policy, and only 30 percent support it. Most respondents believe that Andrew Shire will be a better premier than Justin Trudeau. So far, the climate program remains the weak point of the conservative election platform. But Shir promised that he would submit it by the end of June. The leader of the Tories noted that the climatic efforts of the conservatives will focus on measures to support consumer choice that contributes to the improvement of nature, as well as the development of clean energy.

Apparently, this means that the Conservatives are not going to keep the federal carbon tax imposed by the Government of Trudeau.

Stanley Cup: grief and hope.

Traditions of defeat. Once again, all Canadian clubs left the final stage of the NHL championship ahead of time. It’s hard to believe, but the last time the Canadian club won the Stanley Cup in 1993, more than a quarter of a century ago! These failures are especially offensive because hockey continues to be a national sport in Canada. 37 percent of Canadians surveyed reported that of all professional sports, they are primarily interested in hockey. Basketball was a priority for 19 percent of Canadians. As for American and Canadian football, they received 18 votes each. The survey showed that fans do not cease to hope that the Stanley Cup will return to the historic homeland of hockey. Despite the fact that fans from other hockey centers in Canada, to put it mildly, do not like Toronto Maple Leafs, 31 percent of respondents believe that now it is Leaves that have the highest chances of winning the NHL championship. Only 18 percent believe that the Winnipeg club will win the cup first. The chances of the Montreal and Calgary hockey clubs are estimated to be equal to 10 percent.